Photo: The Norwegain Embassy in Maputo.Photo: The Norwegain Embassy in Maputo

Fisheries Museum finally a reality in Mozambique

On November 13, 2014 Mozambican president Armando Guebuza officially opened the Fisheries Museum, located in downtown Maputo, next to the port. The Museum was financed in large part by Norway, as part of our longstanding cooperation with Mozambique in the fisheries sector.

Norwegian support to the fisheries sector in Mozambique totals over 60 million US dollars over the past 20 years, of these, close to 4 million dollars were spent on the Fisheries Museum project. The construction of the museum has taken 2.5 years, and was undertaken by Teixeira Duarte with architectural design by José Forjaz.

In addition to H.E. President Guebuza, the opening ceremony was attended by a range of Mozambican dignitaries, including the Minister of Fisheries, the Minister of Culture and the Governor of Maputo. Several ambassadors were also present at the opening.

The idea of a Fisheries Museum was conceived by Mr. Gonçalves, a former president of the Fund for the Promotion of Fisheries. He was the one who argued and work for the museum to become a reality, and who swore he would not cut his beard until it had opened. And sure enough, after President Guebuza’s opening speech, Mr. Gonçalves emerged without his beard.

In her remarks at the opening of the Museum, Ambassador Mette Masst emphasized the close ties between Norway and Mozambique – both countries have long coastlines, vast natural resources, and strong traditions related to the maritime sector. Now, Mozambique finally has a place that can contribute to sharing and educating visitors and future generations about this important aspect of Mozambican culture.


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