While accounting for 12-20 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation also threatens biodiversity and the livelihood of forest-dependent communities. To combat the causes and effects of deforestation in Mozambique, the Norwegian Embassy has partnered with the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) to research and test sustainable forest management in the... Read more

One in three women aged 15–49 has experienced gender-based violence in Mozambique. In late October, the Norwegian Embassy visited Gaza Province in southern Mozambique to get first-hand experience of Pathfinder’s work on gender-based violence and sexual and reproductive health and rights. Read more

The Nordic embassies in Mozambique organized on 14. and 15. of October a conference on Inclusive Growth, in cooperation with the finance ministry in Mozambique. This year's conference was a sequel to a similar conference held in May 2012, where our goal was to continue the dialogue on inclusive growth, enlighten the development and inclusion policies in Mozambique, and strengthen the cooperatio... Read more

Photo: UN Photo Eskinder Debebe.

On May 3rd, World Press Freedom Day is celebrated with more than 100 events all over the world. The overarching theme for this year’s international event is access to information and fundamental freedoms. Read more

Photo: Jesper Milner Henriksen.

Nordic Day was celebrated in Maputo on June 1st. The event was a collaboration between Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland, with guests including Nordic citizens living in Mozambique, partners and representatives from other nations, and Alberto Nkutumula, Minister of Youth and Sports. Read more

MPs from Norway and Sweden visited Mozambique from 12. to 14. of October 2015, to see the first-hand impact of GAVI, The Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunisation. Mozambique is among the poorest nations on the globe. Read more

The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Maputo will from 1st April 2016 handle visa applications to Norway. Read more

Photo: Siri Hempel Lindøe.

In Mozambique, where seventy percent of the population relies on subsistence farming, food security is highly dependent on access to land and sustainable use of resources. Working with Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), Norway supports efforts in northern Mozambique to introduce more sustainable agricultural techniques, while also securing land rights and empowering farmers through training and... Read more

Mozambican officials in Stavanger

The Norwegian Oil for Development program gets physical, as ten participants from Mozambican environmental authorities, as well as the National Petroleum Institute, completed the second part of a training course, organized by SOTS, in Stavanger, Norway. Read more