The relationship between Norway and Mozambique

Norway and Mozambique have a long-standing relationship.

The bilateral relationship between Norway and Mozambique dates back to 1977, when Norway established its presence in the country. Ever since, Mozambique has been one of Norway’s main development co-operation partners. The 2015 budget of the Norwegian development co-operation to Mozambique was NOK 264.1 million, and funds are mainly channeled as support through the Mozambican authorities. Provision of development co-operation is based on Mozambican priorities, but within sectors where Norway has clear comparative advantages. Management of natural resources is a key feature, with emphasis on energy and fisheries. Furthermore, support is provided to strengthening good governance, in particular through budget support.

In the energy sector support is provided to capacity building for better management of renewable energy and petroleum resources, access to energy (electrification) and collaboration on the regional energy agenda. Mozambique is an important partner within the Norwegian Oil for Development programme.

Within fisheries, the focus is on developing aquaculture, a priority for the Government of Mozambique. It has gained increased prominence in the programme and support has been given to the construction of CEPAQ-Aquaculture Development Centre in Chóckwè, which will function as a research centre (genetic enhancement) and hatchery. In addition, commercialized aquaculture interventions with greater involvement of women will be supported. Norway has also funded a Fisheries Museum in Maputo, which opened in 2014.  

Central principles guiding the co-operation are climate, environment, and human and equal rights, as well as zero tolerance for corruption. The principles are implemented integrally in programme activities, or specifically in thematic projects.

In anticipation of revenues from Mozambican petroleum activities, the country is looking for ways to secure broad and inclusive growth. There is increased interest from Mozambican public and private institutions regarding the organisation of Norwegian society and how Norway manages its natural resources. At the same time, there is an increasing interest from Norwegian businesses, particularly connected to the discoveries of natural gas in Mozambique. Several Norwegian companies have established a presence in Mozambique within shipping, forestry, agriculture, bioenergy, hydropower and oil/gas. There is also substantial cultural exchange between Norway and Mozambique.

The long standing collaboration between Norway and Mozambique and the equally long standing involvement of Norwegian partners, both governmental and private, have resulted in a strong bilateral relationship and close contact at the political level, with frequent visits and meetings in global forums. 

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